Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sold! 1985 Specialized Allez SE

Let start off by saying I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I didn't post any pics of this bike until after I sold it, and didn't give any of you, valued blog readers, a chance to acquire it. It's really the first bike I've sold out of my 'collection' so I thought I'd start out small and not have to deal with shipping. That said, it practically sold the same day for my asking price anyway. I'm happy, the buyer got a great bike and he's happy, and now there's one less bike in the house so my wife's happy.

Anyway, enough text, on with the pics!

If the white Benotto tape is not original spec, it should be! NOS Suntour Superbe brake levers with reproduction hoods.

Suntour Superbe brakes. I've seen these in two styles. One, as pictured, with the black brake pads, rubber donut on the adjusting barrel, and small blackk rubber plug on the backside where the adjusting barrel enters the arm. The other style has rust-red parts and no plug in the back. I suspect the black might be a later style (1986?) and the red older (1985?). Most of the Allez's I've seen for sale on Craigslist or ripmeBay sport the black versions. To me, the red ones seem rarer.

The brake levers aren't entirely "correct" as the original spec sported the slotted levers. But these NOS examples look pretty darn nice anyway. The repro hoods fit very well, but run a bit small - they're a pain to slide over the lever body and the backs of the hoods don't extend far enough back to the handlebar to cover up my sloppy tape job around the levers.

Original Suntour Superbe friction shifters. The driveside downtube decal is in great shape, but the other side is a bit lacking. The jackass who originally shipped me the bike just threw everything in a box with NO padding or securing. The axle from the rear wheel spent it's entire shipping time rubbing against the downtube decal...

Suntour Superbe derailleurs and Specialized crankset. I really love the low-profile look of these old Specialized and Suntour cranksets - so sleek! The rear wheel is one of the few non-original parts. Sachs Rival hub laced to a newish Mavic MA-40 rim with a Sachs 7 speed freewheel.

When I first received the bike, the previous owner had thrown on a wide-range freewheel and a practically new Deore XT M735 rear derailleur. Nice part, hideous look for this bike. I bought the correct Superbe rear derailleur off eBay and spent a Saturday afternoon watching "Vision Quest" and polishing the heck out of it.

Suntour Superbe Pro Pedals! Wat?! Yes, picked these up a bike swap for super cheap due to the fact that they were tarnished beyond belief. I spent days rubbing them out and polishing them up, only to take a crappy picture that doesn't really show anything...

Well, there she is... When she first came to live with me, she had been converted to a tired, beaten pack mule. Eventually, I restored her back to her original thoroughbred roots and she repaid me with great days in the saddle. Later, she was relegated to lunchtime rides at work duties, until eventually just collecting dust. And now she's gone... *sniff* *sniff* ...hopefully to serve her new owner as well as she did me.


  1. did you happen to write down the serial number on the frame. I have one that looks the same, serial number L236376, but have no precise way of determining the year. Some pics are here: http://bikes.aberrance.com/allezse.htm

  2. Sorry, I don't have the serial number. My '1985' date is just a guess based on anecdotal evidence and it could very well be even older than that. Another popular version I've seen is blue with yellow accents and equipped with Shimano 600 bits. Again, anecdotal evidence suggests this was a 1986 model. I know for certain, however both of the aforementioned models pre-date 1987, since I am the original owner of an '87.
    However, I do have another Allez SE just like the one I sold with what I believe to be the original components. I'll see if I can grab the date code off the RD and maybe narrow it down to a year or two.
    Also, as I mentioned in the post, I've seen the Superbe brakes come with rust or black colored grommets on the barrel adjusters. This makes me think these red Allez's were possibly produced for more than one year (whatever year that happens to be).

  3. I grabbed the date code off the RD of my other Allez. See my latest post on 8/28/2010 for more details!

  4. does anyone know if decals for this allez exist ??

  5. Velocals sells the exact decals for the 1985 Specialized Allez SE.